Sunday, February 7, 2010

Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding, 23-year-old prodigy in singing, playing bass and interceptive dance. She's will perform at Church of the Good Shepherd, 100 Stockton St. in Riverside on Friday, Feb. 19 by 8 PM.

She is now a Chart Topping professional with a voice so sweet, skill with instruments with simply jaw dropping beauty.

If you would remember she performed at Grand Opera House in Wilmington on January 31st, on behest of an invitation from President Obama himself once during January 31st.

Esperanza Spalding is one of the hottest new jazz stars after being chosen by President Barack Obama to perform at the Nobel Peace Prize events in December. Esperanza Spalding, 23, appeared on Austin City Limits ladies' night at 11 PM on Saturday on a new edition of the long running concert series.

Esperanza Spalding will be performing in the Riverside Fine Arts series held on February 19, 2010. Esperanza Spalding will sing at 8 PM at the Church of Good Shepherd located on 100 Stockton Street in Riverside.

Esperanza Spalding recently gave a master class for jazz students in January 22 at the Interlochen Arts Academy. According to the Traverse City Record Eagle, Director Bill Sears stated about Esperanza Spalding, “She's as hot as anything going in the jazz world. The thing about her is that she's remarkably versatile due to the fact that she plays great and she also sings. If you watch any of her YouTube performances -- I've also seen her on TV -- she's an electrifying performer. She just captivates her audience with her stage presence. She's not only a great musician, she's able to sell the music in a beautiful way."

Born in Portland, Oregon, Esperanza Spalding has Welsh, Hispanic, Native American and African-American heritage. Esperanza Spalding taught herself violin at the age of 4. Esperanza Spalding played with the Chamber Music Society of Oregon until she was 15 and ended up as concertmaster.

Thanks to a one-year scholarship to a Portland performing arts high school, Esperanza Spalding discovered the bass. By age 17, Esperanza Spalding won a full scholarship to Berkley. Esperanza Spalding captivates the world today with her unique blend of jazz, pop, world music and soul.

Esperanza Spalding sings beautifully to the world in English, Portuguese and Spanish. In 2006, her solo album “Junjo” was released. In 2008, Esperanza Spalding gave us “Esperanza”.


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